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Students usually see an essay as a written reflection on a given topic. Compositionally, an essay implies a freer presentation of thoughts than other papers and can contain three or more parts. In an essay the student is not "tied" to public opinion or other official theory, the topic he’s writing about can be treated as an expression of an individual opinion on the issue.

Of course, writing such a paper requires some knowledge of the topic it's about and students should know exactly how this type of paper should look like and how to write it correctly. The small size of the essay implies brevity, conciseness and clarity of the author's opinion. While this paper assumes freedom in the presentation it "keeps" the author within the limits of two to five pages of typewritten text.

It all sounds great in theory but is it easy to write a great paper if you don’t have an idea of what to write about and when the topic you’re given is hard or confusing. The answer is - no, it’s hard sometimes to start work on your paper and you need help - guidance or an example. And you can use free essays to find inspiration.

Free essays online are legitimate as a source of inspiration. You can mimic the writing style, format, and other elements from essay examples done by experts, just as novice artists try to copy the strokes and colour palettes of famous masters. Unfortunately, not all students are so talented in writing great essays and using help is absolutely normal.

How Essay Structure May Look Like

The structure of the essays is different from other papers. The presentation of your thoughts should be presented in the form of ideas, which are immediately supported by arguments - facts, experience, evidence or the opinion of scientists on the issue. You should not use a lot of arguments, it only overloads the paper, two main arguments are enough.

Usually, the essay has a short introduction that explains why the author is interested in a particular issue. It's followed by a series of theses and arguments and a short conclusion, which now concretizes the author's opinion on the question. Quite a specific feature of the essay is emotionality, expressiveness of presentation, which is achieved by short, simple sentences. It is necessary to pay attention to the style of writing because the size of the essay does not allow you to move from a scientific and terminological presentation to a fictional one. The author should understand that, despite the external subjectivity, the essay should have an internal unified idea, a coherence of structure, arguments, and judgments that express the author's position.

Let us return to the title since it is the only thing that unites this genre with all other academic papers. The title of the essay should explain its topic to some extent, although the internal organization isn't strict, there are no formal restrictions. Conclusions can be present in the text itself, no need to be put in a separate part. The narrative style is quite free, even colloquial language is normal here. But the most interesting thing about the essay genre is the use of paradoxes of thought, combining outwardly completely different, associative. The essay gives the opportunity to see the familiar through the prism of the author's subjective view, which sometimes produces a striking effect on the reader.

Distinguishing Characteristics of An Essay:

  • The topic is always specific. Unlike an article, where the range of issues can be big, an essay has a narrow focus.
  • An essay in advance implies the expression of an individual, subjective opinion of the author, so it does not contain final conclusions, generalizations of the subject.
  • The personality of the author is important for the essay genre because the essay expresses the opinion of a particular person on a specific issue.
  • Examples of topics for essays can vary from philosophical to literary-publicist, historical, including biographical essays and others.
  • The beginning of the paper should contain some kind of provocation so that the reader becomes interested in the topic. Quite often an aphorism or a statement that contains a contradiction or understatement is a great choice to begin an essay.

A Few Tips to Help You Write a Good Paper

Identify the main idea/problem of your paper. If the idea of your paper will not be clear, there is a great risk that your professor or a teacher will not give you a good mark.

Do not hesitate to ask yourself questions and give complete answers. It will help you to clarify the main idea of your paper even for yourself.

What did you want to convey in your paper? What sentences/phrases are the most significant in the text? What is the subject matter of your work?

Do not confuse an essay with other papers. You should not write a paraphrase of an article, because an essay is primarily a creative paper, so copying ideas or thoughts here is inappropriate.

Think through the algorithm of writing your paper in advance. Muddy writing will lead to nonsense in the text, so all thoughts and arguments need to be structured. Proper presentation of information will allow you to successfully set the accents in the text, entice the reader and achieve the highest evaluation of the work.

A minimum of text with a maximum of information. The essay should be informative, but quite brief. If an article is voluminous, it doesn't mean that it's of high quality, and the essay is proof of that. Writing a huge paper makes no sense because the main goal is to get the reader to the main idea without overloading it with a mass of secondary information. Use only the most significant and interesting facts, reasoning and conclusions.

Do not be afraid to express your opinion, do not be stingy with arguments and personal thoughts. Just agreeing or disagreeing with some position is not enough. It is important to present your own arguments, defend your point of view and present it so that the reader.

If time permits, write a draft first. No matter how perfect the essay may seem at first glance, after re-reading it, you'll have a desire to make a grammatical, spelling, and/or stylistic corrections. As practice shows, the most literate and neatest works are those that, after careful checking, was rewritten a few times to make a perfect work. It is better to check your paper on plagiarism, find mistakes and correct them to not be disappointed in the end.

Importance of Essays in College

Professors often ask students to write these papers because it allows them to evaluate the creative potential of the students, their ability to state their own opinion in writing form. In an essay, you do not need to prove anything, you just need to be able to explain your vision of the subject.

However, even in presenting your own opinion, it is possible to make semantic mistakes: the use of phrases that allows ambiguous interpretation; use of unnecessary details; lack of examples and, of course, verbosity. An essay is all about brevity, clarity, and conciseness of wording, which is quite difficult when you don't have a strict structure, so it is important to reread the finished paper several times. If you find it difficult to write it you can ask for help from the teacher before you hand in your paper.

How Free Essays Online Can Help You With Your Paper?

We are taught that copying the work of others is bad. In fact, stealing ideas from others and passing them off as your own is a crime with far-reaching consequences. But sometimes crimes like these happen in the academic fields as well when people plagiarise someone else's work. And you may have some prejudice about using free essays online but to debunk this stereotype, you should know some information about these essay examples.

There is nothing wrong with copying some elements for the sake of learning. You can copy a writing style or an essay structure when you do it to improve your skills and write a better paper. Students use such essays to follow their style and format in their own papers.

What Can You Learn From Free Essays Online?

Observation and imitation are powerful strategies for studying because of the way our brains work. Researchers have discovered a neural mirror system that functions specifically to help people imitate each other. Children learn by copying adults because they think problems are easier to solve by following their example.

Have you noticed that you can complete a task faster and easier if you have a good example? It's a simple and natural way to learn. Learning doesn't necessarily require suffering in order to create something new from a scratch. You should use all the instruments in order to finish your task faster. While using free essays as examples, you save your time.

The Difference Between Inspire and Copy

At the same time, it is very important to use the strategy of imitation correctly. The line between "inspire" and "copy" can be blurry. Copying and pasting some random essay parts into your own document is not the right way to go. Don't expect to easily get rid of plagiarism, as it is easily detected by freely available software. Also, there is no expiration date for plagiarism.

Golden Rules for Avoiding Plagiarism

Still, you don't have to fear unintentional plagiarism. It's easy to detect double content when checking for plagiarism, but professors and teachers will double-check your paper to avoid unwarranted accusations. Use free essays for your own inspiration and research purposes. But you should not copy free essays, as they are simply a research and inspiration tool. On the other hand, a database of free samples can help you fumble for the right research path. Select the most valuable resources from the bibliography and use their primary sources.

In general, you can and should take advantage of the free essays available online. The valuable information and ideas contained in such archives can help accelerate your research, while the appropriate sampling format can increase your overall research results. Studying by observing and imitating the work done by experts, when used properly, can be a very effective tactic of studying.


Can I Find Free Essays Online on This Website?

Yes, our website has a huge database of essay samples on various topics in various subjects, so you can find the sample on a specific topic and use it as an example or a guide for your own paper.

How Legal Is It To Use Essay Samples?

In fact, you can absolutely safely use examples of papers for informational purposes. Using essay samples as a templates for your own essays is absolutely legal. But you can't present free essays as or own original work. 

Is it True That I Can Use Essay Samples For Free?

Yes, access to the essays is absolutely free of charge, and you do not need any authorization on the site to access the papers.

How Can I Find a Free Essay on the Desired Topic on This Website?

Everything is very simple - enter your request in the search box of the website and you'll only see essays on the desired topic or a related one.